how to Make Your One Life Count

a 5-day program brought to you by annabel fisher

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Imagine being told you have two months to live.

A bit dramatic, I know, but play with me for a moment... How do you react? 

Perhaps you've already grabbed life with both hands, so you continue onwards, your heart fulfilled, your soul inspired & listened to, your mind focussed. Or maybe until this point, you've not had a chance to make your one life count. You've forced your way through each day, feeling overwhelmed & tired; constantly comparing yourself to how others are doing, in survival mode.

In August 2018, I was told I had two months to live. Making my one life count every day became my reality. As my health allowed, I checked off several things on my Bucket List, but then grabbing Life with both hands became about more subtle things: celebrating the small stuff; ensuring I'm present in all I do; developing further ways to be calm, and focussing on my relationships.

Since August, I have been told that I am inspiring, motivational, courageous & impactful - and yet I didn’t start out with a Master Plan when I learned my prognosis - it was all about trial and error. I learned how to respond to what was occurring by staying present, even though that was, at times, very scary.

People have shared with me that, since I started sharing my Make Your One Life Count experiences, they have (to name a few):

  • made the decision to move overseas

  • launched their long-awaited solo business

  • made amends with a family member

  • committed to a date and got married earlier than planned

I feel humbled and hugely inspired by these stories because they are brave examples of grabbing life with both hands! And I believe that when we’re inspired by others’ courage, it gives us courage.

Before my prognosis, my passion was working with clients, blending spiritual practices, mindset strategies and emotional freedom techniques. I really miss that work. So, in the spirit of making my one life count and doing what I love while I can…


I've created a 5-part Make Your One Life Count Map to share with you over five days!


The Make Your One Life Count Map will:

  • help you get out of your head and release the over-thinking, self-analysis, & constant comparing

  • enable you to drop into your heart so your decisions and choices are easy, self honouring & from a place of love

  • show you how to listen to the needs of your soul so you have even more time and energy to do what you desire; you're in a daily state of flow, & you're inspired to grab life with both hands

  • guide you in how to come from a place of gratitude, looking for the miracles and celebrating life because you can!

How will the program content be shared?

During five live webinars allowing interaction with the other attendees, we’ll be exploring the themes of slowing down to create space (when naturally we want to soldier on, forcing our way through), coming from a place of gratitude (instead of a place of fear), the capacity to receive (when we’re programmed to give), relationships, and surrendering to the unknown (rather than ‘fighting’ what’s uncertain).

What kind of content can we expect?

I’ll share some meditations, breathing techniques, EFT tapping, and mindset strategies I’ve used since August 2018 which have got me out of my head, into my heart, and grabbing life with both hands – even as my world becomes smaller.

What if I cannot attend live? Will the live webinars be recorded?

Each webinar will be recorded for you to replay, or for you to enjoy if you’re unable to attend live. You’ll also receive follow-on audios and videos so you can reinforce the learnings and changes taking place.

Will we have a chance to interact with community members?

There will be a Make Your One Life Count Map Facebook group for us in which you can share, ask questions, and feel supported.

When is the program taking place?

Monday, April 29th – Friday, May 3rd

10am PST/1pm EST/6pm UK

Can you overview that for me?

Five 45 minute live webinars discussing specific themes enabling you to make your one life count every day

Access to recording of each webinar

Follow-on audio and video guidance – visualizations, meditations, EFT Tapping

A supportive FB community to share, ask questions and feel supported

Annabel creates a safe place for others to be their best selves. And if they aren’t sure, a safe place to practice.
I’m so glad I found your courageous, bold, and beautiful spirit! If only we could bottle the truth you possess and drink from it daily.
Annabel touched me right to the core of my being. I felt the realness of my one life.

I want this to be a process which unfolds at a pace that works for you – after all, you are choosing to make your one, precious remarkable life count now, and every day onwards.

I hope you will join us!

Love, Annabel

annabel fisher

Wife, Mama to fur baby, Midnight, Authentic Speaker, Author, Vlogger and Intuitive Breakthrough Coach. She helps soul-driven change makers, light workers and highly sensitives conquer overwhelm, perfectionism, comparisons, and exhaustion so they can force less, flow more, and make their one precious life count - every day. Annabel became an expert in this because in 2015, she was diagnosed with recurrent Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She wasn’t expected to live and her oncologist and surgeon have called her ‘a miracle’. When Annabel was diagnosed for a third time she chose to decline all forms of treatment - natural & chemotherapy.

On August 8th 2018, she was given a prognosis of two months which she has outlived. She makes her one life count every day now by celebrating the small stuff, ensuring she is present in all she does, developing ways to be calm, and focusing on her relationships. Through her real and uplifting Facebook posts and YouTube videos, she has inspired hundreds to be brave and grab life with both hands.