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I’ve always been a misfit in a world full of gold pineapples, nautical stripes, and messy-but-not-too-messy top knots. It's just how I roll, and how I landed here doing this really cool work that sets my heart ablaze.

After 12 years in higher education (Student Affairs administration and Women's & Gender Studies faculty), I left my career to parent my children full-time.  What I didn’t know when I left that career was that I’d start and grow three successful businesses while parenting two kids two-and-under.  From retreats and conferences that inspire bold living and courageous authenticity to hand-lettered art prints that connect the words we have in our heads to the space we have in our hearts, This (Un)Scripted Life is more than the sum of those things.

(Un)Scripted is a revolution that begins on paper and flourishes through practice.

And it all starts with our words.  From within the walls of your home or office, to the walls of your next event, the words you surround yourself with hold incredible power.  Words are a force for connection and the ones that we choose for our walls and within our hearts matter.  The words that we choose are vessels for our story and showing others who and how we really are.

I hope that (Un)Scripted inspires you to choose and use words that tell your story with power, kindness and self-love.  To transfer what you know in your head into your heart and begin your revolution of courageous authenticity, unbridled self-love, & conscious presence right where you are.  

You have this one life to be uniquely YOU!  To call yourself by name and show up, bold, messy, imperfect and free.  For me, this movement and way of living started growing up with my dad, a living, breathing teacher of what it means to live an authentic life among the noise of our culture.  May we all become walking examples of a life (Un)Scripted, well-lived and wholly our own. I'm so grateful I get to be a part of your story. 

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