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(Un)Scripted Retreats

Begin a bold revolution of unbridled self-love, conscious presence & courageous authenticity.

Step into a day of deep presence and connection with an intimate group of women.  Begin sharing your truth in a safe and empowering space for practicing mindfulness and awareness, shaky knees and all. (Un)Scripted Living Retreats exist to help women deepen their connection with themselves and others. It’s all about digging deep and getting messy, aligning what’s in your head with what’s in your heart, with the nurturing support of women who’ve got your back.

We’ll explore creative self-expression and accessible practices for introspection that you can bring home and implement into your daily routine. We’ll explore how the words that we choose to guide our lives are vessels for our story, and how we can embrace & own our own power, kindness, and self-love.

From yoga and meditation, to journaling and creative exploration, all (Un)Scripted Living retreats focus on mindful reflection, inspired growth, and a potential for deeper connection with yourself, those you love, and our growing community of supportive women.

This positive, supportive environment continues after the retreat in our very active, closed Facebook group, and offline friendships. Now is your time to find a community of women to connect with, to feel supported, and to hold space for each other’s stories.

(Un)Scripted conversations are often messy, uncomfortable, and vulnerable, but they always matter. All we ask is that you call yourself by name and show up as you are, imperfect and free to envision the story you are meant to live.

Write your truth.  Share your story.  Love your life.  



"Best birthday present I ever gave myself."

"My needs were met beyond my expectations. You guys asked for critical feedback but I don’t have any! I just hope to join you again, for longer next time."

"I felt seen, heard, and supported. I’m amazed w/ how much I have to take away from such a short time together."

"10 out of 10. Make it a weekend!"

 "It is so evident that you pour your heart and soul into these events. No detail was overlooked. I recognize and appreciate the amazing work you are doing."

"Next time we need personalized tissue packets! It got real. It felt too short but we accomplished huge work! Thank you for this space and opportunity to fill my cup."

"OMG! Yes. It was well worth it. I want to come back – great energy and love. How can you put a price on healing 35 years of ignoring pain. #win"


"The welcoming and closing circles had clear focus with gentle guidance that left lots of room for organic development. The facilitators created a safe, nurturing space for us to be open and vulnerable, and provided guidance and illumination when we navigated moments that were difficult or dark."

"I was uncertain it would be money well spent. The moment I walked in and saw Lizzy’s smile and a carefully made nametag and gift bag, I knew it was worth it."

"Everything resonated with me. So grateful to the participants for opening their hearts, offering support and love. I needed this so much. You can tell how much time and care went into this. I am inspired and excited to watch this grow."

"I loved the attention I received from the first email on. It felt super supportive. You made space for the messy, and it was wonderful. I so appreciate the amount of time and attention you gave to creating this wonderful event. I’m so full!"

"Price was wonderful and I got so much for my money. The welcoming ceremony was wonderful and I found focus and my intentions for the day. By the time we finished and closing circle came, I felt inspired and rejuvenated with a clear purpose and plan. This was my first retreat of this nature. I had expectations and they were far exceeded. Keep doing what you’re doing. This experience was so valuable. I would highly recommend this retreat."

Check out some highlights of the 2015 Mindful Mama Retreat, featuring Sheila Pai of A Living Family, Rebecca Wong of Connectfulness, Hunter Clarke-Fields of Hunter Yoga, and  Elizabeth Russinko of This (Un)Scripted Life.

Highlights of the 2016 Mindful Woman Retreat, featuring Elizabeth Russinko of This (Un)Scripted Life and Sheila Pai of A Living Family

Highlights of the 2017 Mindful Woman Retreat, featuring Lizzy Russinko of This (Un)Scripted Life, Sheila Pai of A Living Family, and Xandra O'Neill of Sacred Becoming.

Highlights of the 2018 Mindful Woman Retreat, featuring Lizzy Russinko of This (Un)Scripted Life and Sheila Pai of A Living Family.

Highlights of the 2019 Inne(R)evolution Retreat, featuring Lizzy Russinko of This (Un)Scripted Life and Sheila Pai of A Living Family.