You drag yourself out of bed and get dressed, frown at your favorite sweater in the dirty pile, grab the quickest bite you can find, take big gulps out of your cold mug, and just try to make it from moment to moment in your ever-flowing day.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and a bunch of balls in the air.

Sometimes, it feels like the world has gone completely mad.

Your "to do" list includes #allthethings, you can't seem to get unplugged, and your self care ends up with your favorite sweater - in the dirty pile.

Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up with a purposeful pep in your step, the kind where people start asking, "what's YOUR secret?!"

So here's the deal - we have broken the mold for what retreats are "supposed to be like" and are offering a more attainable and community-conscious perspective. You don't need to take a 24-hour flight and spend 7 days (and a few thousand dollars) at a retreat in Bali to find a renewed sense of self, balance, and purpose. Some of the most powerful retreats are the ones that happen in our local communities with women like you, craving connection, support, & transformation, right now. And that's why we want YOU to join us!

the Mindful Woman Retreat provides you with (gorgeous) space for inspired self reflection, fresh nourishing whole foods, and connection with kindred spirits. you will Walk away refreshed and invigorated, with a clear one-of-a-kind mindful self-care plan to thrive in your day to day life (for real).

During the Mindful Woman Retreat experience, you will:

♥ Explore tools and resources for mindful and purposeful living and habits.
♥ Get clear on steps to go from exhausted overwhelm to conscious balance.
♥ Learn ways to end the struggle with fear, doubt, isolation, and negative self-talk.
♥ Find simple ways to sustain self-care in your day-to-day.
♥ Connect with other women seeking mindful and purposeful lives.

This full-day retreat features 3 inspiring women sharing powerful tools to help you live your best life:

Creatively explore the unfolding of your life story through art and writing with Lizzy Russinko

Cultivate your Mindful Self-Care practices and emotional freedom with Sheila Pai

Create moments of sacred space and presence throughout the day with Xandra O’Neill


Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: 8:30 registration and breakfast, 9 am – 4:30 pm one-day retreat
Location: Open Connections, 1616 Delchester Road, Newtown Square PA 19073

*Space is limited to 25 women to create and maintain an intimate and purposeful experience.

Hear what our participants have to say about their experiences.

"My needs were met beyond my expectations. You guys asked for critical feedback but I don’t have any! I just hope to join you again, for longer next time."

"Best birthday present I ever gave myself."

"I felt seen, heard, and supported. I’m amazed w/ how much I have to take away from such a short time together."

"It is so evident that you pour your heart and soul into these events. No detail was overlooked. I recognize and appreciate the amazing work you are doing."

"Next time we need personalized tissue packets! It got real. It felt too short but we accomplished huge work! Thank you for this space and opportunity to fill my cup."

The Mindful Woman Retreat experience includes:

♥ Full-day retreat with specialized professionals
♥ All retreat supplies including journaling and art making (exception: bring your own yoga mat if you have one)
♥ Valuable take home reference materials
♥ Delicious, healthy, whole foods breakfast, lunch and hearty snacks
♥ Swag bag brimming with self-care treats and gifts from retreat sponsors and supporters
♥ An inspiring 5 x 7 print of your choice from The (Un)Scripted Print Shop
♥ Post-retreat access to our intimate and private Facebook community of Mindful Woman and Mindful Mama retreat participants

Total Retreat Value: Over $600

Investment: $210 --- EARLY BIRD $175 (save 15% until April 28th)


♥ Digital Nurturing You: Mindful Self-Care Guide for Women, 130+ pages full of prompts, inspiration, action steps and reflection space ($22 value)
♥ Upgrade to an 8x10 art print of your choice from The (Un)Scripted Print Shop ($22 value)

Check out some Mindful Mama/Mindful Woman Retreat Highlights!

we get it.

Setting aside time JUST FOR YOU is not easy. It feels self indulgent, yeah? But this is the thing - setting yourself up for your best life takes a commitment to yourself, and it's a total bonus to have an incredible support system of people to cheer you on. 

Wondering if this is right for you? Good question. If any of this speaks to you, this is for you. Listen to the voice inside, the one in your gut that has your best interest at heart. That voice knows if you need some time to reflect, someone to listen to your story, a place to get messy, friends to hold space for you, space to get your shit together, a day of nourishing meals cooked BY SOMEONE ELSE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email either Lizzy or Sheila - we would love to chat about if the Mindful Woman experience is right for you!

We are SO GRATEFUL for all of our amazing Mindful Woman Retreat 2017 partners! We only work with businesses that align deeply with our values, and each one of these is truly remarkable. Even more awesome, attendees will receive generous gifts from all of these rock star partners!